Customized programs

"You have to know what you want in order to get it."

I work in a variety of ways to suit your needs. Whether you need a complete mindset overhaul or want help organizing a special project – or even prep work for a single presentation – I can help you.

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Project Me

It’s always a good time to reinvest in yourself and make time for Project Me. What’s that thing on your DO list that you’re ready to check off: start a business… run a marathon… go back to school… rebirth your career post-baby? Whatever it is, this 90-day process lets us focus on what you really want, create the roadmap to get you there, and make it happen. You have a partner in me, and I will hold you accountable every step of the way. Take back your life and reinvigorate your passion and purpose. Rebrand yourself.

(45 minute sessions)


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Business X Life Coaching

Building your business and brand? Calling all CEO’s and managers looking to up their game, stay focused, and build momentum: I will drive you forward and hold you accountable to your goals. 

We partner up; you get results. Deal? 

Let’s connect today, and create a plan to improve your business - and your life.

(3 one hour sessions)



#Hash It Out

Have you got something on your mind, and you just want to talk it out with someone that you trust? Hash It Out meetings can be done at any time: there’s no long-term commitment, these meetings happen on your schedule. Together, we hash it out, find resolution, and move forward with certainty and positivity. Do this before heading home or to a meeting and show up as your best version, ready to take on whatever’s in front of you.

(45 minutes)



Client-Led Group Coaching

Consider rounding up a group of friends to form a "coaching circle." Assemble your group—minimum 3 people, maximum 6—then choose a topic to tackle. I'll supply the expert guidance and motivation. The session can be conducted in a book-club style—in fact, you can focus your session around a motivational book that everyone reads beforehand! Fun, informative and a wonderful way to socialize and connect without going to dinner. Your place or mine!



Best Version Family

Let’s take a look at your family dynamic, find out what’s working, and what you need more or less of. Learn highly effective new communication taught by renowned author Jane Nelsen and her Positive Discipline Parenting techniques. It’s a proven method to help children develop vital responsibility and problem-solving skills. Together, we will work to improve mutual respect between children and parents, and ingrain common-sense tools to help you be a better parent. Take it from me and my family: You and your family will be so glad you did. 

(3 sessions)



Bouncing Back After Baby

If you put your professional life on pause to focus on motherhood—and now you're ready to hit play, it may be time for Project ME. Whether you are planning for parenthood or have just added one more to your brood, this can be a very overwhelming time for many of us: I know, because I've been there (several times). Together, we will get you in tune to rebirth your career, yourself, and your focus. 

(3 sessions)


Marc and Kristen Glosserman

Movement Meetings

When we are in motion – any kind of motion – we think in an entirely different way. Getting outdoors to reconnect with nature helps ground us as we absorb the tremendous physical energy of our surroundings. Movement Meetings are especially effective whenever we feel “stuck.” So let’s get out there together and move ourselves to a whole new place. I guarantee you’ll begin thinking about things in a whole new light.

 (1 hour sessions)



“What’s a good next step?”

You’ll see I ask that question constantly … it keeps things moving forward. In sales and in life (and I guess running, too) if you don’t have a next step, it’s over.

Let’s work together to find out your next step and make it happen!

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