Spending three minutes with Kristen can be life-changing.
— Julia Szabo, journalist
I am always grateful for ‘Kristen time.’ It is impossible not to feel inspired after being with her. She is a positive, honest, hilarious, strong and confident woman who is extremely down-to-earth and approachable. Because of her solution-oriented approach to life, she reminds me of daily positive choices I can make to thrive. She is not about perfection. She is about how to live an empowered, honest, positively confident life. She approaches challenges with excitement as she fully embraces the truth that every challenge is an opportunity for strength and growth. I am so thrilled that she is willing to share her gifts with the world.
— Andrea Curry, founder Andrea Curry Yoga
She has a way of cleansing your soul and really allows you to look inward. Kristen is there to help you think but she really challenges you through your own questions and to solve your own problems. She allows you to do that in a way that’s much more clear than if you were just on your own.
— Bonnie Murray, ‎Director of Fund Marketing & Investor Relations at Panco Management
Throughout my transition into the vast world of ‘motherhood’ Kristen’s words, calm energy and her real life experience always helped me navigate the new mommy terrain in a more grounded, focused way. In situations that felt really intense, she really helped me feel less overwhelmed and set me up to succeed in my goals. The landscape of her knowledge is wide-ranging and diverse. From understanding how to look for and keep a nanny to understanding how to parent from a place of confidence and love—she really is the full package on all things mom. I am grateful for her.
— Deb Ross, acupuncturist and herbalist
Kristen was so positive in helping me manage a major project. She really kept me focused and kept me from getting distracted from all the other naysayers who told me what I had to do was impossible. So she was able to break it down and deal with each of the parts and help me navigate everything in way that was very easy for me to understand and execute on.

She really helped me get through a lot of sort of big problems, little problems, and everything in between. Kristen was able to unfreeze my thought process and help me make sense of it all.
— Suzanne Graves, angel investor

We have known Kristen as both a member of apple seeds and as a parent at Chelsea Day School. Kristen is a present mother who is always there for her four children, but she is also extremely involved in the community and is a friend to everyone.  She is a positive source of energy and has been nothing but supportive to both of us as we navigated the growth and expansion of our two businesses, apple seeds and songs for seeds. Kristen is patient and helpful, she listens and offers sound advice. We highly recommend her as a life coach to anyone going through a change whether it’s at work or in life.
— Alison Qualter Berna, co-founder Apple Seeds | Songs for Seeds
Kristen has been an indispensable co-pilot in helping me chart each step of the journey in building a multi-unit restaurant business from scratch through her reliable instincts, patient listening, and motivational direction. She lives her life with uncommon discipline, which she consistently instills in her clients while coaching them to map out new directions and getting them on the road to achieving their goals. I have witnessed first hand, time and again, her remarkable ability to make people believe in themselves, identify obstacles, take action, and make breakthroughs in their lives. She is the perfect combination of empathy and get-down-to-business accountability that every exceptional coach should possess.
— Marc Glosserman, founder and CEO Hill Country Hospitality
Your love and support mean everything to me. Thank you, Marc.

Your love and support mean everything to me. Thank you, Marc.