December Motivation

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Happy Holidays Everyone! 

It’s hard to believe that we've reached the end of another year. Time to take out the sparkle, and maybe take inventory of what we accomplished. 

Let’s see, “How’d I DO?”

Pretty good, I think. 

Marc and I deepened our partnership and opened a new business. We completed a renovation of our home, and we moved our second grade daughter Jaclyn into a new school she loves—and if you live in NYC, you know how difficult that is!

How’d you DO? 

Were you able to accomplish those goals on your list? Did you begin writing again, move jobs, or finally complete that 10K?

I know I’m always talking about goals—but there is a reason. Goals keep us moving forward, working toward something. And when we DO that, we tend to be happiest and most alive. 

Listen, life is hard. I get it. Especially around the holidays, when there are more commitments than usual, and sometimes you're not feeling the same “deck the halls” energy as everyone else in the room. 

I have those days too. Then I DO something about it. 

With all the added holiday cheer (and parties), I thought it was a great time to go back to working out more regularly. So I am trying. Last week I rediscovered Y7 yoga—it flows hard... to hip-hop music. The room is heated and I get an amazing workout. Marc even came with me for some added couple time. 

It’s new, it’s different, and it’s been a GIFT. 

This season, I'd like to challenge you to gift yourself with something new—it can be anything: a new recipe, new outfit, new book, or new way of doing something. Just DO something different to remind yourself that change is good. And you deserve it. 

It’s been such a pleasure blogging with you and for you this past year. Thirteen motivational entries will live online for you. But now it’s time for me to do something new in 2019. 

I’m going to be focusing my energy on video motivations and building the framework for a book. I just didn’t want you to look for me January 1st in your inbox and miss me there. So, if you want to stay connected, please just click the box below and we can set up a private session on the phone or in person. 


I’d love to work with you in the new year and DO something great together! 

You can also GIFT a coaching session to someone you love. A Hash Out session is a terrific way to get started. 

I have truly loved sharing every entry with you!



Kristen Glosserman