April Motivation

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Breathe, and get outside: it’s officially springtime!
A time for change and renewal.
I love all the seasons, probably one reason I’m a hardcore New Yorker, and always will be. The anticipation of transition from one season to the next keeps me motivated. I actually look forward to the change.
For me, change equals possibility. It’s an opportunity to replace my wardrobe with a lighter one, to trade that furry bed cover for a thin cashmere blanket—to shed winter layers and hop to it!
Speaking of shedding, I think a spring cleaning may be in order. And not just the old clothes and magazines you have lying around (you know you do!) but a clearing of attitudes and energies, and maybe even people.
Most of us have a tendency to hang on—not only to things, but also to beliefs that no longer suit us. "I can’t go back to consulting, it’s been too long, I’m out of the game"… "I can’t work out, I’m too busy and too tired"
Quit saying you can’t, and start telling yourself
And what about that person who is really draining you, and not making your life (or your business) better? The one you keep holding on to, because you’re resisting change.
There is so much I’m ready to change in my own life right now. I am wiping away old, negative notions: Tossing those stale storylines in the bucket, and throwing them away.
What are you ready to toss out? And how can I support you, and help hold you accountable?

Let me coach you.


It’s time to get out the garbage bags and cleaning supplies, and start cleansing.

Need a hand? Dwell Well  is a terrific company I’ve been using for years to assist with closet clean-outs and small moves—they even help with desk clutter and admin organization.
Don’t be afraid to ask for help with projects that are weighing you down. It’s time to get light. 

BTW, I just found out that all the closets we planned for the kids’ new rooms are turning out significantly smaller than expected. Better start cleaning out their spaces too.
Yes, it was a mistake. But mistakes are opportunities to learn. And I think we all will be better, and perform better, when we’re pared down a bit.
So here’s to getting light, lean, and clean this month.

Goodbye winter … Hello spring!


Kristen Glosserman