February Motivation

I am loving the possibility of February!

True confession: I’ve always been in love with love. With parents named Barb and Ken, high school sweethearts who just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, how could I not be?

But my focus for the past two months was my professional goals.
This month will be different.

Less me. More love. More partnership.

More energy devoted to shared goals and directions.

Lots to be excited about on the horizon … sometimes it takes two sets of eyes to see it all. And if you haven’t got a partner right now, but you’re open to the possibility, it could be a great reason to hire a coach.

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Who’s your current partner in crime, personal or professional? And what’s next for the two of you? Enjoy connecting and re-connecting this month, and discovering all the possibilities.

This month also brings us the Super Bowl (I adore football, but that’s a whole other love story) and is there a better pairing than football and BBQ?

Hill Country is fired up and ready to meet any and all of your Super Bowl food and catering needs.


Plus, we get an extra long weekend for Presidents’ Day … couples retreat, anyone?
Happy Valentine's Day!

Kristen Glosserman