June Motivation


For me, June 1st could very well be the most significant day of the calendar year. It’s the birthday of my son, Austin – my firstborn – and also the birthday of our restaurant, Hill Country Barbecue Market.

It’s also a reminder of how we all get pulled in different directions during the course of a day …a week… a year.

This is never more evident for me than on the first of June, when I’m usually planning some sort of celebration for the restaurant, while simultaneously celebrating my son’s birthday (and my husband’s birthday the very next day, June 2nd).

I always think of this time as a dance—I’ve got to make two things work, in rhythm.

The Dance is an exercise in energy allocation. It’s the art of transferring energy: a practice in being able to give your attention to one place, and then, quickly, to another—never at the same time, but within short, strategic shifts, so neither target is short-changed.

Right now, I’m being pulled by demands of family business and my private coaching practice, but such is life—very few of us have the luxury of focusing on just one thing at a time.

The Giants coaches used to make their players sleep at a hotel room the night before a game: they didn't want the guys distracted, getting into a fight, or anything else. I get it. Strategy is key when operating at that level, with those stakes, so everyone gives their best performance on game day.

But those of us living a “normal” life cannot turn off a child’s birthday, or focus solely on our business. We must cross-train ourselves to be fluid. That is our athletic workout: our dance.

Find Your Groove



Speaking of dancing and athletic workouts, the thing I’m really into these days is DanceBody.

I’d forgotten just how much fun it is to let loose to the music. If you haven't tried it yet, check out DanceBody’s new studio in NoMad and their locations in East Hampton and Bridgehampton.

Happy Birthday Austin!

Happy Birthday Hill Country!

Happy Summer!

Find your groove, and enjoy your dance.


Kristen Glosserman