July Motivation

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Here we are, gearing up to celebrate the Fourth of July -- Independence Day -- and all I can think of is how I've become a slave to my DO list over these last few weeks. 
It's been anything but freedom: end-of-year picnics, guitar and dance recitals, graduations, packing camp trunks, and prepping for very emotional sleep-away send-offs. I'm exhausted. 
Fortunately, it's finally summer, and the vacation -- and independence -- we wait all year for. Long days, smokin' barbecue, cold cocktails, tennis, paddle boarding, and afternoons by the pool.
On July 4, 1776, our nation's founding fathers signed the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident..." That precious document, housed in the National Archives Museum, describes the pursuit of Happiness with a capital H. So I hereby make my declaration to honor that pursuit. I plan to enjoy the next few weeks by taking the "me" time I so deserve -- and I encourage you to do the same. 
Look at your calendar, smartphone, or date book, and start blocking out a day -- or if you can, two or three -- that you are going to commit to enjoying. No emails, no work, just relaxing. (Or, if that's not possible, carve out time in each day for just yourself.) You deserve it; I know I do too! 
Speaking of relaxing, I plan to use July to recommit to my yoga practice. With my go-to yoga gurus, Andrea Curry and Jessica Bellofatto, both traveling a lot this spring, I've been off my mat game. This month, for me, is about coming back to my weekly practice. I feel so much stronger when I'm routinely practicing, and have truly missed my yoga. With schedules so busy and unpredictable, I've discovered the Asana Rebel "Yoga Anywhere" app is a terrific resource. 

What would YOU like to commit to this month? Let me help you work through whatever may be holding you back, and pursue your Happiness. And if you're having a hard time committing, email me. I promise to hold you accountable.


So, here's to you -- red, white, and blue -- and to getting some meaningful rest and relaxation this month. 

Kristen Glosserman