August Motivation


I hate driving. Or so I thought ...

For more than a decade now, I've been content to sit in the passenger seat (an area to explore deeper under separate cover). I'd ask neighbors to pick me up on the way to exercise class, or swing by to grab me on the way to dinner. 

I'd wait for my husband to run to the market to get what I needed, or I'd find myself emailing or texting him lists while he was out. 

Maybe it's been the oversize, hard-to-maneuver vehicles needed to transport our growing family. Or maybe I'm just so accustomed to living the urban life in NYC, with its many public transportation options. Whatever the reason, I just don't drive anymore. Ever. 

That is, until last month.

That's when Marc and I finally threw caution to the wind and bought a second car. A shiny, new, red Mini Cooper. Ever since, I find I have never driven so much! Suddenly I'm zipping in and out of town, popping over to friends' houses unexpectedly, and rushing to get errands run. It's like I have a new lease on life. 

I love to drive! 

This got me thinking: What other activities in my life do I THINK I don't like, just because of the way I am currently DO-ing them?

Maybe I think I don't like biking because I've never tried a scenic bike tour. Or maybe I think I don't like traveling because it's become too hectic and expensive.

Suddenly I realized that HOW we do something can be a major impact on whether or not we enjoy it - or do it at all. 

Maybe you think you don't enjoy cooking. But if you and your partner or friend cooked together, it would be different and fun (or at least more enjoyable). 

The same goes for exercise, working, or spending time with your in-laws. 

Do you get what I'm driving at? And if you don't, call me and let's #HashItOut


My clients often hear me say...  

"If it's not going right ... go left!"
So this month, make a left-hand turn on what's NOT working in your life. 

Dare to change your direction, and revisit the thing you think you don't like. 

Speaking of not liking things, I have never enjoyed writing. 

But now I have a wonderful collaborator who helps me improve my message and find my voice. Finding her and working with her has been a gift that has changed my whole outlook on blogging. Check out her amazing work and published books on Amazon. Thank you, Julia, for helping me share my Best Version with so many more people.  

Got to run - returns and shopping to do!

Beep Beep


Kristen Glosserman